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New video streaming with Temp. Files

Some people have dating apps, Michelle has... "Richard."

I am a little bit thrilled and a little bit embarrassed to share with you my new 10-minute video/min-film, 'Scenes from an Apartment,' that is now streaming on the Temp. Files video co-op site for its June edition. I offer this story as a strange and hopeful reminder that love comes in all forms. The video is streaming for one month only.

Along with the video is an interview with Temp. Files member, poet/artist Emily Brandt, where we talk about vulnerability, humor, family, religion, and magic.

For the next four weeks, I have taken over @tempfilesvideo Instagram account, where I will be sharing more as this story continues. Details on Temp. Files below.

TEMPORARY FILES (a.k.a. Temp. Files) is an experimental, cooperative, video art-making platform. We are seven women artists making work between text, performance, and video. Videos are released on the first Monday of each month. After one month, the video disappears. Temp. Files artists are Rah Eleh, Kara Hearn, Rachel Stevens, Emily Brandt, Michelle Levy, Tusia Dabrowska, and Sunita Prasad. To receive announcements of future video releases and other content, please subscribe on the Temp. Files website so you can catch all the videos. I


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