After my momentous time in Poland, I recently had a sad experience. I accumulated many, many wonderful books while away, and had to ship them home. When the long-awaited box arrived, it contained someone else's things, with no name attached. My precious books, including my big research notebook/ journal from my first six-months of discovery (I know, I know), were left floating somewhere out there, completely untraceable. As a gesture of letting go, and to honor what has not been lost, I have been inspired to publish excerpts from some journal entries I wrote on my computer. I am grateful for this partial record of my internal life during a rare and special time and wish to share with whoever


Poland, home, back again, and some other new developments. Greetings! As you may know, I recently spent nine-months in Poland on a research/performance project investigating the survival story of a woman named Paulina. My last big missive was right before my journey with writer/artist Patrycja Dołowy – a road-trip following Paulina's wartime path across Poland and Ukraine. What happened on the journey? Hm... well, in an attempt to put it simply: it was as if unseen forces were working together to test our belief in what is possible, launching us into what we can only describe as a veritable modern-day folktale! This story is alive, and it does not rest.  If you go to Poland, something simila

Paulina in Wieliczka- November 16

I am returning to Poland, to give a presentation with Patrycja at Wielicka's Saltwork's Museum, in the castle on the site of the legendary Wieliczka Salt Mine. This city, and this location, plays a very important role in both Paulina's and our story... Date: November 19 Time: 4 pm Place: Cracow Saltworks Museum, Wieliczka, in the Museum Castle Click here for more information.


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