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Announcing "Paulina Day" a new monthly missive

Paulina Day is a monthly journal revolving around the expanding life/work, PAULINA.

In 2018, I relocated to Poland to investigate the 1945 survival testimony of a Polish-Jewish ancestor, Paulina Hirsch, who navigated on her own throughout Nazi-occupied Poland. The heart of my research was a collaboration with Patrycja Dołowy, a Polish "midwife" to the buried stories of Poland’s Jewish past who joined me on a journey retracing Paulina's wartime path. While on the road, we found something Paulina left behind, creating a collision of worlds, living and dead, that challenged our belief in what is possible…

PAULINA began as an evolving performance presented between Poland and the US. Its final chapter is a nonfiction film, now in production.

January 1st is Paulina Hirsch's birthday, AKA Paulina Day, celebrating the magic surrounding the synchronicities that tie our individual stories together. To spread this magic throughout the year, I have created Paulina Day. This monthly email-missive draws from the constellation of stories surrounding the Paulina story and film. Each chapter delves into a different aspect of this ever-expanding real-life folktale, from archival discoveries to ancestral histories to curious facts to bizarre coincidences. If you follow along, you will likely find echoes of your own story here too.

Visit the Paulina Day Substack to read and subscribe.


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