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Ruins of Achelach, Restaged

On January 8, I need to set things straight with Grandma.

I performed Ruins of Achelach for one-night-only in October. The theater was packed, the audience cheered, and yet, I woke up the next day feeling uneasy. I had made an error -- a harmless quip that slipped so easily off of the tongue had belittled the achievements of my grandmother (of blessed memory)... in public! A granddaughter's greatest insult. Oh, why?! Remorseful, I waited to hear murmured in my ear, "what am I, chopped liver?" But the universe had veered off course leaving only a silent icy trail behind. For the sake of my grandma and by extension, humanity, I must set things straight. Thanks to Theaterlab, I will perform Ruins of Achelach, corrected, with audience and camera (and hopefully grandma) as witness. The event will conclude with a moment off-camera for those who wish to air and have forgiven regretted insults inflicted upon loved ones (not necessarily present). -ML

Sunday, January 8, 2017 6 PM

Presented by: TheaterLab, 357 West 36th St.3RD Fl, NYC

Created and performed by: Michelle Levy

Developed with and directed by: Sarah Cameron Sunde

This is a presentation of Theaterlab's Solo Sunday series.

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