Ruins of Achelach

Michelle Levy summons the serendipitous elements that brought her to this very moment: a déja vu in a field; a religious craving; an overlooked report card that is very, very old; a letter drafted from the sky; a grandmother’s cryptic message; a scotch sour; Poland; and possibly, falafel.

Performed at the intersection of premonition, research and reanimation, Ruins of Achelach shares a genealogical mystery as it unfolds.


Ruins of Achelach work-in-progress debuted at Dixon Place, NYC, Saturday October 15, 2016. Developed with and directed by Sarah Cameron Sunde, with Assistant Director Jenna Rossman.  Introductory choral performance by Leigh Davis and invited guests, performing Mother Circle.
Ruins of Achelach, Restaged was presented by TheaterLab, on January 8, 2017, as part of its Solo Sundays Series, with lighting design by Guy de Lancey.

An early version of this work, Before Poland (Achelachl) was performed at Theaterlab in August, 2016, as part of their Solo Sunday festival.

Video stills: Ruins of Achelach at Dixon Place on October 16
Excerpt: Ruins of Achelach, Dixon Place, October 16, 2016
Excerpt: Ruins of Achelach, Restaged at Theaterlab, January 8, 2017

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