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Thank You 2018!

To the friends, family, colleagues, acquaintances, and strangers who have donated to Paulina (She is alone) in 2018:

I am (we are) so honored and touched by your generous acts of support at this crucial phase. This is a self-organized project that requires many leaps of faith. Each step forward is only made possible by the sprouting of yet another bridge, that connects to yet another, and another:

Francine Affourtit

Chloe Bass Andrew Beccone Keren Benbenisty

Paula Berliner

Jules Bernstein Lauren Bierly Tova Carlin Tyler Coburn Angela Conant

Marianna de Nadal Jesse Devine

Liliana Dirks-Goodman Elise Gardella Jonathan Garfinkel Alicja Gaskon Yasi Ghanbari

Abigail Glaum-Lathbury Aviad Goldgevicht

Talia Greene

Clay Haphaz Kara Hearn Anne Hege Nung-Hsin Hu

Abigail Hurewitz

Emily Katz Zebadiah Keneally Jac Lahav Steve Lambert Katerina Lanfranco

Dawn Leuck

Bernice Levy Dana Levy Doug Levy Ronald Levy Dan Liberatore

Aaron Lowenstein

David Maroto Wendy Meirs Marcari Nat May

Kate McKrickard Howie Meirs Marvin Meirs Susan Meyrowitz and David Meyrowitz Eric and Jessica Meyrowitz Georgia Muenster

Jolene Noelle Harrison Owen and Wiley Bowen Leonard Pariser Mark Pariser

Wayne Pariser Piero Passacantando Clare Posnack Sheetal Prajapati Sunita Prasad Laurel Ptak

Jennie Rabinowitz

Misha Rabinovitz and Caitlin Foley

Shai Rao Evan Read Nat Roe Michael Rubenfeld Anna Rutenberg

Nicole Schaffer

Laura Schneider Harris Schrank David Eric Schwartz Todd Shalom Elisabeth Smolarz Maya Suess Sarah Cameron Sunde

Sally Szwed

Stephanie Tang Dannielle Tegeder Hong-An Truong Hannah Tümpel Jason Urban

Viktor Valasek Angela Washko Alice West

Dan Wolf

Kit Yi Wong Ségolène Xavier Anonymous x 6!


Additional gratitude to Asylum Arts Small Grants Program for supporting the project, to Brooklyn Arts Council for being its Fiscal Sponsor, to the POLIN Museum for the History of Polish Jews for hosting the ongoing research and presentation, to the Emmanuel Ringelblum Jewish Historical Institute for additional research support, and Warsaw JCC for hosting our very first event in Warsaw. Special acknowledgement to the individuals at these institutions who have dedicated valuable time and energy to this project in 2018, making 2019 possible, and the artist-peers who have offered valuable guidance and expertise to this developing process.

And (last but not least) to Patrycja Dołowy, for her collaboration, support, and friendship throughout this unpredictable and exciting time.

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