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Before Poland (Achelachl) @ Theaterlab

I am performing this Sunday in Theaterlab's Solo Sunday Showcase kickoff event. I will be in the 8 pm show with three other performers (10- 15 minute performances each).

I am working on what feels like the beginning of the next epic project:

Explored through letters to an imagined daughter, Michelle Levy's Before Poland (Achelachl) begins a quest prompted by a haunting, weaving oral history, speculative research, heirlooms, dreams, achelachl, and fantasy together in an attempt to reconcile voids Levy's maternal ancestry.

Theaterlab's Solo Sundays Showcase description:

Solo Sundays were created as an extension of Theaterlab’s ongoing interest in solo work, developed through years of hosting artists, companies, and training programs dedicated to solo performance.

We find that solo performance is uniquely suited to responding to cultural questions about personal identity and the individual’s relationship to the collective whole. As the zeitgeist continues to shift toward investigations of the line between the self and thecommunal, we have created a program that is intended to respond to those investigations through rigorous artistic exploration. Solo Sundays is an ongoing, malleable series that will grow and adapt to meet the specific needs of the artists as they relate to the audience and to Theaterlab.

The Solo Sunday Showcase will feature:

6:00 PM

•Jamie Cowperthwait // Sex and the 1 Percent

•Ahrum Claiborne // Seoul For Sale in NYC

•Hope Singsen // SKIN

•Elizabeth Hess // An Old Habit

8:00 PM

•Laura Adam // HO OH OH HO

•Gabrielle Schutz // Unsex Me Here

•Michelle Levy // Before Poland (Achelachl)

•Eric Lockley // Asking For More

Tickets: $10 (here is the link for the 8 pm show.)

Here is a link to the website:

Theaterlab is located at 357 West 36th Street, 3rd Floor.

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