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Come Back @ Magnet Theater 5/1

I'm presenting a new version of my one-woman-(channeling-man)-show, "Come Back," at Magnet Theater as part of their "Show Offs" series, which begins this Sunday. Show-Offs features brand new scripted works from sketch, one-person shows, and more, never before seen on the Magnet stage.

Come Back is storytelling-meets-performance art-meets-dark comedy-meets-life:

Come Back (phase 3), is Michelle Levy’s newest iteration of an evolving storytelling performance exploring the legacy of her father, the once great motivational salesman,"Lucky" Levy, who has since fallen down on his luck. Through moments of private and public, live and virtual, present and past, a daughter explores the trials of her complicated father and his flirtations with the next big “comeback.”

I am excited about this new evolution, crafted specifically for the context of the amazing Magnet Theater.

Come Back/ Always on Deck

Sunday May 1, 6 pm Tickets- $5

Magnet Theater, 254 West 29th Stree

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