360 Degrees of Perspective:

Consulting for Artists and Arts Practioners


I help artists and arts practitioners (i.e. organizers and curators) overcome obstacles towards achieving their career goals.


In addition to strategizing, realigning priorities, and goal setting, a significant amount of the support I offer revolves around how an individual communicates about their work.


As an extension of my curatorial and art organizing interests, I specialize in supporting artists who make work that is challenging and not market-driven and/or artists vulnerable to/affected by the inequities of the art world. This includes artists for whom English is not their native language.


My approach is customized to each person's needs and budget. In some cases, I will work with a client on a particular project, such as an application or proposal, in other cases, a comprehensive, holistic approach to the client's career is applied.


The following is a general overview of what a comprehensive consultation may look like. I offer a combination of live consultation with independent follow-up work (reviewing, editing, writing, revising, etc.)

  1. Our work together is initiated with a one-hour studio visit (live or remote depending on location and liberty to travel), where we look at your recent work and discuss the challenges you are currently facing, followed by an outline of next steps to take considering your larger professional goals.

  2. The next step often involves clarifying the ways in which you are representing yourself (in your writing, on your website, in your proposals, and in your direct outreach communications). The aim: to get all of your “ducks-in-a-row” to present your creative accomplishments at their best, as you anticipate taking big steps to draw attention to your work in the future.

  3. In conjunction with the above, some clients, especially those working in several disciplines, seek a sounding-board/ feedback on identifying which aspects of their creative work they should be focusing most of their attention toward. I offer critical feedback and curatorial support when needed.

  4. I work with artist-clients to address the existing opportunities, such as grants and exhibition applications that make sense to focus their energy towards. We may then work on preparing one effective proposal together, or many!

  5. One of the greatest challenges is creating opportunities where they don’t exist. I work with artist-clients on defining major goals and strategizing steps to bring them closer to these goals. This often begins with reevaluating the resources an artist already has access to (especially within their own community), which they may not see, that could provide a springboard forward.


I offer affordable rates, available on request. For individuals applying for a professional development grant to cover my services, please reach out: I can help.

-Michelle Levy

To explore options, please contact me here.

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I am an interdisciplinary artist and I was feeling that my body of work wasn't coherent when presented as a whole.  Michelle helped me understand a new way of contextualizing my work. This, coupled with a useful artist statement and a nice new website has really given me a professional boost. She has also helped me create and organize work samples that I can use for different opportunities, picking out the most salient moments from my video work, and identifying other kinds of documentation that strengthen the context for the broader body of my work. Michelle helped me revise a few project proposals -- an experience that grows in value as I continue to write proposals for similar projects. 


I really love working with Michelle -- she has a very good eye for seeing what's missing, what's interesting, and what needs revising in your practice. I've learned a lot from her and look forward to continuing to work with her to get more of my work out in the world.


I've had the privilege to work with Michelle for the last four months. Since our work together, I saw immediate results with career issues I had avoided dealing with for a long time. I had a PR situation that I didn’t know how to solve and Michelle fixed it quickly and leveraged it into something to be proud of. I am new to the US, and writing professional texts in English is a challenge. Michelle helped me rewrite my artist statement and multiple other texts. She has taught me practical ways to become more self-organized, offering the guidance and support I was looking for. I’m grateful for Michelle’s help and the progress I've made thanks to her.