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Credible Sources
(aka Sagan/Hubbard Hypothesis)

An impulse leads Michelle to conduct research into the lives of Carl Sagan, Astronomer, Physicist, and pop-science guru; and L Ron Hubbard, science fiction author and founder of the Church of Scientology. As she delves in, the details of the two men's lives begin to cross-over and blend with Michelle's life.

Narrated by Michelle, The Sagan/Hubbard Hypothesis investigates the light and dark sides of the contemporary prophet/father figure, tying together two polarized legends. Sagan, is an advocate of reason and science, and an effective compassionate thinker and communicator, while Hubbard is a master manipulator and inventor of fantastical theories stemming from his own psychological weakness.

The Sagan/Hubbard Hypothesis illuminates a dynamic between two opposed figures—a dynamic that has not been brought to light previously. It cites coincidences between them, and proposes moments in time when they may have crossed paths. What if these small tidbits of rumor reveal an underlying secret involving the two of them? This is where Michelle steps in.

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