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the miracle that has been named



This is a story about involuntary faith… about bizarre inspiration. The purpose of this page is not to indoctrinate you, but rather to share a wondrous thing in the hopes that you receive it however it suits you.

Many believe miracles are a product of an all powerful, all-knowing god, who imparts his divine, deliberate will on people. But what about those things that just happen for no large reason, not by any apparent divine will, they just poof. Happen. Elements, and factors combine to form something we could not have dreamed of, something that has its own life.


Cornucopia Stromberg refers to the apparition of the floating head of the living person, Matthew Stromberg, surrounded by a living, moving wreath of miscellaneous changing things.


The Vision of Cornucopia Stromberg first appeared to the Michelle Levy in New York City in 2006 when she was confined to a bed as result of a severe injury. Comforted by this sight, Levy felt an urgency to paint what she saw, bringing it into the physical world. When the painting was complete, she had the strength to walk again, to re-enter the world, slowly, but with a conviction that had not existed before.

The vision has since continued to appear to her, ever changing.



Matthew Stromberg is a real person, alive, well and living in Los Angeles. If you happen to see him, remember he is someone trying to live his life just like the rest of us.

However, we cannot explore the topic of Cornucopia Stromberg without acknowledging his earthbound counterpart.


The following brief account of Stromberg's life is an attempt to pinpoint  where truth and legend intercept.













Narration: George Wright ( ) - voice
Tom Barton   ( ) - recording and mixing

Origin of Cornucopia Stromberg was performed at:


Spectacle Theater, Brooklyn May, 2012

Machine Project, Los Angeles, September 2012

Diamond Mouth Surprise at La Sala, Brooklyn, November 2012

Live performance and media collaborators:


Anne Hege

Roddy Schrock

Voice over narration:

George Wright

Jessica Cowley (Machine Project)
Forrest Gillespie (Spectacle)
Keefe Murren & Jason Schwartz (Diamond Mouth Surprise)

Endless gratitude:
Matthew Stromberg

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