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On Credible Sources

There is a void in me. It drives me.

It shrinks, it grows, but it always exists.


The most universal void,

the one that the “life guides” really hone-in on,

is the lack of a good source of love.

This void puts people in danger.

It makes us vulnerable, suggestible, prone to irrational decisions.


But beware: often the love void is confused

with the more complicated, existential void,

a void much harder to pin-down,

it is heavily encrypted.


It is each of our responsibility

to understand the nature our own void.

The bigger and more unwieldy it gets,  

the more chance of it seeping into the collective void, out in the world,

contributing to the destruction.

Then it becomes no longer just about you or me.


Much of what is at stake has to do with our sources of information.

There are reliable sources,

and there are, of course, sources that are not reliable,

Which are which?

Whom and what can we trust?


Everything speaks to our void first before speaking to the rest of us.

There are always parts that cannot be trusted.


But the choice not to trust anyone or anything, is to lose.


What can we do?

I suggest this exercise:

cover the area of your body where you feel most void-like with the warmth of your palms,

in order to be able to see things a bit more clearly.


Begin to draw together pieces from all that you encounter— the pieces that work.

Then, make a composite in your mind.

This is the place where you are.

When you feel ready to do so,

remove your hands from the place of your void,

but retain the memory of the feeling.

Use your hands to create a viewfinder with your fingers, and look through.

Squint one eye, and then another.

Something should start to appear.


It takes some time to get it right,

there will be setbacks.


This is a practice,

It is never done.

– Michelle Levy

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