Michelle Levy - Portfolio


PAULINA, 2018-19
Research and performance project involving nine-month immersion and cooperation in Poland. Research supported by POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews, Warsaw. Performative journey in collaboration with artist/writer Patrycja Dołowy

See outline of the performative journey.

Paulina - Presentation of research-in-process at POLIN Museum in Warsaw, 2019.

Excerpt 8:17, TRT, 70:00.

Presentation is given by Michelle Levy and includes Patrycja Dołowy as a guest.

Paulina (She is alone) lecture with discussion at Jewish Historical Institute, Warsaw, 2019.

Excerpt 9:30, TRT, 90:00


Note: Presentation is led by Michelle Levy, in conversation with Patrycja Dołowy. 

She is alone, 2017.
Video documentation of a performance lecture with participation. NURTUREart, Brooklyn, April 30.

Clip: 5:00min, TRT: 65:00 min.

A bridge between two stories: the mysteries of my grandmother's past, which led to the discovery of an unknown female ancestor in Poland.

Ruins of Achelach, Restaged, 2017

Video documentation of a performance presented by Theaterlab, New York City, January 8, 2017.

Clip: 1:22 min, TRT: 60:00 min.


Performing a matrilineal mystery as it unfolds. Created and performed by Michelle Levy. Developed with and directed by Sarah Cameron Sunde.Lighting design, Guy de Lancey



"Come Back (Phase 3)," 2016

Excerpt- documentation from end-of-performance at Magnet Theater on May 1, 2016, New York City: when Michelle Levy briefly turns into her father.

Come Back (via Five Stage Approach), 2015
Video documentation of a performance with participation.
Clip: 6:10 min, TRT: 90:00 min.

password: lucky666

The culmination of a series of performance-focus-groups presented over 5 months to explore the story of "Lucky" Levy (my father), a once successful salesman who has since fallen down on his luck. I mined Lucky's old sales videos to explore a sensitive account of psychological breakdown and legacy, enlisting collective help.

Dream Intercepted: an appeal to David Lynch, 2015-16

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