Come Back

is an evolving autobiographical storytelling experiment about my father, the once great "Lucky Levy," and his ongoing struggle to take back his life. Daughter-meets-father in this erformance-art-meets-storytelling, meets-black-comedy. 


Dream Intercepted

After years of conducting the Search for Agent C peformance, centered on Twin Peaks' Agent Cooper, I created an appeal to David Lynch to bring me on the show to meet Cooper face-to-face on the screen and complete the circle. 

Search for Agent C

is a campaign to make contact with Special Agent Dale Cooper. It began with a series of disseminated images and live presentations throughout New York City, which then grew into ceremonies to communicate with Cooper which involved, on occasion, the eating of specially made pie.


What Can We Learn from Atlantis

a curious portrait of the growing obsession with a lost civilization.


Reliable Sources

the mythological one-woman show that never really happened.


Cornucopia Stromberg

Cornucopia Stromberg refers to the apparition of the floating head of the real person, Matthew Stromberg surrounded by a living, moving wreath of miscellaneous changing things.

© 2020 by Michelle Levy

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