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The Ghost is the Impossible One

A Contribution to Printeresting's GHOST Project


Dream Intercepted: An Appeal to David Lynch goes live


Performance: Come Back (phase 2)

On Fixation: Angela Washko, Michelle Levy, Nathanial Sullivan
Dixon Place, 161 A Christie Street, New York, NY

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Things that happened


Where Everybody Knows Your Name
Littlefield, Brooklyn, NY
A storytelling show!



COME BACK (via Five Stage Approach)

Performed at the Experimental Theater at Abrons Art Center, NYC


COME BACK (via Five Stage Approach)
Performed at TheaterLab, NYC


3-6-15 to 3-28-15

'Color Coded'exhibition
Heartache video, Color Energy Field series on view
Grizzly Grizzly gallery in Philadelphia, PA


Sometimes We Resort to Fiction

I told the real life story behind my Search for Agent Dale Cooper at Magnet Theater's whatever happened to the nerds hosted by Adam Wade. On the same day it was officially released that TWIN PEAKS is returning after 20 years.


and the water washed over it

Prelude, On the 195th Anniversary of the Birth of Herman Melville

≠ A Demonstration In Two Parts ≠

Part I, Michelle Levy: “Our Atlantis”

Part II, Dylan Gauthier: “24 Hours in the Anthroposcene, or, CHAPTER 73 (Stubb and Flask Kill a Right Whale; and Then Have a Talk)”

Monday August 4 2014 @ 7:30 pm

The Sunview Lunchnet, 221 Nassau Avenue, Brooklyn


A very special debut screening of my video "Afternoon with John" at an event called "5 Pairings" curated by Sally Szwed at the Sunview Luncheonette in Brooklyn.


"Happy" Valentine's day. Official debut of the video Color Energy Exercise #2- Glow


These rare print/collages addressing a new research subject were debuted and purchased by two anonymous bidders at Flux Factory's 2014 auction.

12-14-13 -- 1-26-14

Exhibition- Liminal States group show at Projekt722 in Brooklyn. Curated by Maggie Downing and Adrienne Meraz


Interviewed by Angela Washko on A Cups radio show podcast! I was joined by the awesome Sally Szwed. "This week on A Cups, Angela interviewed two badass women-in-charge:  Michelle Levy (artist, curator and Director of Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts Project Space) and Sally Szwed(curator and Creative Time’s Program Manager)."

Check out the new Cornucopia Stromberg Site


Performance- "Cooper May Be in You"- following a new line of thinking based on a clue from Kyle M.

as part of Hard Watching, Glasshouse, Brooklyn NY
Curated by Angela Washko

This show is part of the Brooklyn International Performance Art Festival.


Dale Cooper transmitted facebook posts from Coney Island


Dorkbot-NYC Meeting
Michelle Levy presents "Never Letting Go of the Myth"
Location One, (Greene Between Canal and Grand) NYC


What I did with Jason Eppink's $100 check.


Cornucopia Stromberg lives again at
Diamond Mouth Surpise
LA SALA, Brooklyn


Agent Cooper was be summoned yet again.

Silent Drape Runners presents
Magick: a ritual for Bob

with Michelle Levy
at Magic Futurebox, Brooklyn



Machine Project, Los Angeles

The Cornucopia Stromberg experience traveled to Los Angeles, the city where the real Matthew Stromberg lives. The real Stromberg was there.


The Origin of Cornucopia Stromberg
Spectacle Theater, Brooklyn

The first public explanation of the Cornucopia Stromberg story, and the debut of the moving, living, prophetic projection.

Levy at Cooper Bday Special
The Agent Cooper Special
Pete's Candy Store, Brooklyn
with Ben Fama, Michelle Levy, and the Silent Drape Runners
8:30 PM


I met Kyle Machlachlan. He said Cooper is alive. I looked deep into his eyes and I saw Cooper. Then I nearly fainted.


Cooper sighted in Gowanus

Meditations on the Multiple, an exhibition concluding a six month printmaking residency, opened at the Gowanus Studio space. The Search for Agent C prints and ephemera were on display along with work by Yunmee Kyong, Jomar Statkun.

On opening night, the first communication ritual was performed and messages were received. Many thanks to Four & Twenty Blackbirds for contributing a custom- Cooper Cherry pie for the occasion.

The exhibition is accompanied by an illustrated catalog with text by Maggie Wright. Here is an excerpt.

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Angela Washko, Interview, A Cups Podcast, Radiohive, New York, NY

Hrag Vartanian, “Images from the Final Week if the Brooklyn Int’l Performance Art Festival,” Hyperallergic.


Agent Dale Cooper Spotted In Coney Island
Gothamist, Jen Carlson


Michelle Levy received messages from Agent Cooper's doppelganger

all that we've met, interview by Pauline Pechin


Brooklyn ‘Twin Peaks’ Fans to Ignite Spirit of BOB Before Halloween


Wither art thou, Agent Cooper
Sundance Sunfiltered blog, by Michelle Byrnes-Carney

Dale Cooper's Back: Recent Sightings!
Welcome to Twin Peaks


Video interview by Amanda Bauer: http://vimeo.com/34109390


Searching for Agent C
Flavorpill, post by Russ Marshalek

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